Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Pics

These are little vignettes around the house and on the mantle.  I see you wondering were is the xmas tree?  Right now the tree says he is naked except for bubblers but hoping for help soon.  He may just get something simple due to knee pain!!
Don't you just love my felt reindeer?  I have a whole herd of them, red, green and white.  They have little elves or dolls riding them.  Ta Ta..... gotta decorate more.

Christmas Mania

I am a decorating maniac as evidenced by the multiple boxes of decorations in the garage.  Unfortunately this year I took the wk after TDay to decorate and had a flareup of arthritis to my knees so things are a bit scaled down.  Here are some pics of my snow scene, setting New England.  I especially love the red coated hunters with their dogs chasing a fox.