Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I am Dying in this Heat!!!

We are having, early in the summer season, heat over a 100 day after day.  I feel a bit short of breath as the hair feels heavy.  I went out and worked with hubby on the pool for just 30 minutes yesterday and never did recover!!! You just can't get anything done as if you try to run your air at 82 it runs constantly and cost an arm and a leg!! So am relegated to sitting under the fan.  I am going to try working on a quilt I am making, and do some embroidery! Ridiculous.  I keep saying I am going to move to a cooler place but it is more expensive to do so.  This heat is continuing at least thru Sunday.  Well, drink plenty of liquids, stay under the fan and don't try to work outside or inside for that matter!! Added this pic of snow to help everyone to feel cooler:)

Camping at Cassini Ranch on the Russian River.

Welllll, we had our Maiden Voyage with the Airstream (haven't named her yet) to Cassini's on the Russian River.  Our son brought out our grandson Ramon.  We have a lovely time even though the weather was not very good.  Wind everyday with rain and clouds.  This decreased our time around the campfire but we had plenty of room in the R.V.  If you have never been to Cassini's Ranch Campground it is a great place to visit.  Ramon especially loved the playground, walking down to the river and the little store they have there.  We had hookups except for sewer so we were able to test all our Airstream amenities.  At the end of the week we loaded up and went to Ethans for Ramon's 6th birthday party on Saturday.  All of our boys came up for the party and alot of friends and family came for the party.  I am including some pics here of our little trip.

 Here is Ramon's new haircut for his party.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Little Darling

A couple of weeks ago we went up to Northern CA to babysit our grandson Ramon.  His mom and dad were off to a wedding out of town and we had him all to ourselves.  He is quite the cutie, smart as a whip and alot of fun.  Ramon had a baseball game on Friday evening and then he had team pics on Saturday am.  Our youngest son Morgan came up from SF to see us.  I am going to add a  pic of Ramon as he and Morgan were playing dinosaur and doing some type of a dinosaur scream but whats funny is what Ramon is wearing.  Along with his green dinosaur wings, check out his tie and hat!! That evening we had dance party with party snacks and had fun dancing to the oldies.  Ramon is becoming quite the good dancer!!  We had a great time and look forward to going back up in a couple of weeks to take him camping for the Airstream's Maiden Voyage!!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Years with Tyler Hunt Family 2017

We went over to Arroyo Grande to see our oldest son Tyler and his family for our Christmas and New Years.  Their home was very festive and, as usual, Tyler is a great host, cooking delicious meals.  We had some great Tobin James wines http://www.tobinjames.com/ opened gifts and celebrated New Years.  I bought Hannah and Christian Nerf Snow Ball guns which shoot snowballs that light up.  They seemed to really like them.  On the 2nd we started for home and did some shopping at the Vineyard Antique Mall.  We found a cast iron tea kettle as we had been looking for one for our wood stove.

Well, with little Kafuffle I have retired from my full time job as a Case Manager.  My last day was 11/18/16 and we left for a extended vacation to North Carolina on 11/23/16 (3 days late).  We drove to Laughlin, NV, but got there late as there was a couple of accidents which delayed us.  We left there on 11/26/16 after spending Thanksgiving in a Harrahs (UGH).  Harrahs Laughlin is a nice hotel situated on the Colorado river and I did win $250.00 playing my favorite which is Wheel of Fortune. Would I go back? or make a special trip there?  Probably not unless I am on the way to some where else.  What was nice that we could have our dog Dexter in the room for a fee if we had wanted to.  He is perfectly happy in the truck so this is where he stayed.  The first day we drove to Gallup, NM and it became evident that Bob was getting sick.  We ate dinner at the El Rancho Hotel http://www.elranchohotel.com/ which is just the coolest if you love Rancho style and stories of stars making westerns as this is where they stayed.  By the time we got to Amarillo, TX Bob had a high fever and was hallucinating during the night.  It was extremely cold and Dexter had to wear  3 sweaters as he couldn't come in the hotel.  The next day we went on and, as usual Bob would not let me drive even though he didn't feel well.  By the time we got to Memphis, where it was pouring rain,  he was better and I was getting sick.  Unfortunately we were side swiped by a semi-postal truck and had to chase the driver down. Some damage but the truck was driveable.  We went on to see our friends in Marion, N.C. and then on to Hillsborough to stay with our dear friends Sherry and Jerry.  We had actually made this trip to spend time with his sister Pearl for her 90th birthday.  On her birthday her eldest daughter died of cancer so her party turned into a sad affair.  AND on top of that her hearing aid was broken so everyone had to yell at her.   We finished our

vacation seeing Bob's elder brother and another sister, both in nursing homes and he commented it could be the last time he sees them.  His sister Pearl, believe it or not, lives alone, takes care of her own business and can cook a southern meal that could choke a horse.  Bob expects her to outlive him (LOL). Our friends Sherry & Jerry are a hoot and just the best host and hostess ever and we love them dearly.  Their lovely home was dressed for xmas and their 10-12' tree was beautiful.  They live in the cutest little town, Hillsborough, N.C. https://visithillsboroughnc.com/ Sherry and I did some xmas shopping there and then we took them out to this lovely downtown restaurant for dinner before we left.  The trip home was uneventful but one highlight was we stayed at the El Rancho Hotel.  Sadly the old part was closed for repairs and we stayed in the new side.

Back in the Blogging Saddle Again!!

I cannot believe that it has been 3 years since I wrote in my blog.  I think what happened was I discovered my phone and tablet and spend way too much time on facebook and pinterest and my job also went into the toilet.  I felt so overwhelmed at times that by 5;00 I was just expended and had no reserves for anything else.  I didn't sew in the evening and could just sit in front of the T.V.  I was also having blood pressure problems and find that since I retired (yeaaaa) it is so much better.  I hope to get back into regular blogging and have some new projects to share with you all.  I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year.  Since we were gone we didn't decorate or have our regular party.  I was able to decorate my space at Once Upon a Time in Clovis, CA.  I will go into this more later. So I hope a few people read my blog and if so, hit me back.