Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I am Dying in this Heat!!!

We are having, early in the summer season, heat over a 100 day after day.  I feel a bit short of breath as the hair feels heavy.  I went out and worked with hubby on the pool for just 30 minutes yesterday and never did recover!!! You just can't get anything done as if you try to run your air at 82 it runs constantly and cost an arm and a leg!! So am relegated to sitting under the fan.  I am going to try working on a quilt I am making, and do some embroidery! Ridiculous.  I keep saying I am going to move to a cooler place but it is more expensive to do so.  This heat is continuing at least thru Sunday.  Well, drink plenty of liquids, stay under the fan and don't try to work outside or inside for that matter!! Added this pic of snow to help everyone to feel cooler:)

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