Monday, July 27, 2009


Happy Summer Heat - we are sweltering here in the Central Valley of CA. Over 100 every day. I haven't put a blog on for a while as I have been doing what I call "Blog Hopping". I go from blog to blog to blog. I really had no idea there are so many sewing and crafting blogs out there that are so creative. Their blogs make mine look boring and plain. So I am hoping in the next year to perk it up. I have a list of my favorites check them out. My fav is
Our garden is putting out tons of yellow and red tomatos and some squash and peppers, but the cucumbers have been done in by the heat. We put a shade over the garden as the tomatos were cooking on the vine!!! We are having a sort of boring summer. We decided not to take the sail boat up to the lake as we had several summer weekends booked to go away. We haven't even been camping, but hope to get up to the lake soon. I hope summer is what everyone wants it to be. To me it is floating in the pool, eating tomatos with lots of salt, all kinds of fresh fruit and camping at the lake. Talk to you all soon. New pics waiting in my camera!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Michael Jackson's passing

I have 3 boys, 35, 30 and 28. The 30 y/o took break dancing lessons about the time Michael Jackson was so popular. He had a glove and a red jacket like Michael. He still loves Michael Jackson and he and his sp are quite bummed by his death. He is a great loss to the entertainment industry and especially to his precious children. We will all miss him, but have great music and videos to remember him by. Go here to see a tribute to his moonwalk, it is quite entertaining!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I am not old enought to be a Nana squared!!!

Well it is official, Miss Hannah is going to have a baby brother in November!! Bob and I are quite excited for Tyler and Natalie because boys are so precious. Don't get me wrong little girls are special, but a little boy :), oh my:0 they are the best. We raised 3 and what a load of fun. G.I. Joe, Big Wheels, Transformers, Skeletor and Star Wars. Little boys are not precocious like little girls, what you see is what you get!!