Sunday, January 8, 2017

Well, with little Kafuffle I have retired from my full time job as a Case Manager.  My last day was 11/18/16 and we left for a extended vacation to North Carolina on 11/23/16 (3 days late).  We drove to Laughlin, NV, but got there late as there was a couple of accidents which delayed us.  We left there on 11/26/16 after spending Thanksgiving in a Harrahs (UGH).  Harrahs Laughlin is a nice hotel situated on the Colorado river and I did win $250.00 playing my favorite which is Wheel of Fortune. Would I go back? or make a special trip there?  Probably not unless I am on the way to some where else.  What was nice that we could have our dog Dexter in the room for a fee if we had wanted to.  He is perfectly happy in the truck so this is where he stayed.  The first day we drove to Gallup, NM and it became evident that Bob was getting sick.  We ate dinner at the El Rancho Hotel which is just the coolest if you love Rancho style and stories of stars making westerns as this is where they stayed.  By the time we got to Amarillo, TX Bob had a high fever and was hallucinating during the night.  It was extremely cold and Dexter had to wear  3 sweaters as he couldn't come in the hotel.  The next day we went on and, as usual Bob would not let me drive even though he didn't feel well.  By the time we got to Memphis, where it was pouring rain,  he was better and I was getting sick.  Unfortunately we were side swiped by a semi-postal truck and had to chase the driver down. Some damage but the truck was driveable.  We went on to see our friends in Marion, N.C. and then on to Hillsborough to stay with our dear friends Sherry and Jerry.  We had actually made this trip to spend time with his sister Pearl for her 90th birthday.  On her birthday her eldest daughter died of cancer so her party turned into a sad affair.  AND on top of that her hearing aid was broken so everyone had to yell at her.   We finished our

vacation seeing Bob's elder brother and another sister, both in nursing homes and he commented it could be the last time he sees them.  His sister Pearl, believe it or not, lives alone, takes care of her own business and can cook a southern meal that could choke a horse.  Bob expects her to outlive him (LOL). Our friends Sherry & Jerry are a hoot and just the best host and hostess ever and we love them dearly.  Their lovely home was dressed for xmas and their 10-12' tree was beautiful.  They live in the cutest little town, Hillsborough, N.C. Sherry and I did some xmas shopping there and then we took them out to this lovely downtown restaurant for dinner before we left.  The trip home was uneventful but one highlight was we stayed at the El Rancho Hotel.  Sadly the old part was closed for repairs and we stayed in the new side.

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