Saturday, February 6, 2010

Great antique find and new info on Monterey Furniture.

We were at an antique mall in Exeter, CA yesterday.  I have been keeping my eye open for Monterey or like Monterey furniture.  Low and behold I see a mirror hanging on the wall and could you believe it?  It matches the buffet that I got for Christmas, same flowers and stain.  And..........the best part, it was on sale!! So as soon as DH hangs it up I will take a pic and post.  It is very heavy so it needs a sinker.  Also my other great news is that I sent pics, check here to Scott at and he told me what all my stuff is.  What was interesting is that a lamp that I have had practically forever is an early piece of Monterey.  The desk is Forrest, the chair is Coronado and I already knew the bedroom set is made by Imperial.  The 2 pieces of La Fiesta Ensemble were sold at Sears and Pennys and not considered even Monterey like, which I already knew.  But it is pretty exciting .  Check out the pics!!

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