Monday, August 10, 2009

Family musings

We attended the wedding of my darling niece Lauren. She has 2 beautiful sisters who were bridesmaids and they all looked so grownup and beautiful. They have had a hard time as their mom and dad (my brother) divorced a few years ago. Their mom and dad have not really gotten along and do not really talk to each other. I think though that I am more sad about the loss of their marriage after the wedding. My DH and I were good friends with them and we did quite a few things together. I consider Lauren's mom my best friend, but my relationship with my brother has been strained due to the events surrounding the divorce. I had not been at any events with both of them and just realized how sad it really is. My brother seemed lost and not a part of all of the festivities that he could have been if he had made better choices. My sister Kathy said something to me not long ago that made sense. People do not stop and think that the choices they make, to make themselves happy, affect everyone around them. It makes me teary eyed to think about it. But in spite of all of this it really was happy times for all and we wish them the best in their marriage. We sure danced our feet off!!

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